WATCH: Warren Blasts Bloomberg for Allegedly Telling a Pregnant Employee “Kill It”

Moments ago, Elizabeth Warren blasted 2020 candidate Michael Bloomberg for allegedly telling a pregnant employee “kill it.”

Bloomberg denied the charge claiming “I never said that”

The debate is off to a wild start and the gloves are off.


Irin Carmon tweeted:

Gayle King asked Warren for evidence that Bloomberg told a pregnant woman to “kill it.”

Not only was that the woman’s testimony, a third party witness — the kind Bloomberg said in a deposition he required for an assault claim — backed it up to Wapo

Marc Lamont Hill tweeted “Bloomberg looks so agitated and uncomfortable when held accountable by Warren. His whole “enough is never enough for her” line felt sexist and dismissive.”

TCO reported a recent bombshell article from the Washington Post highlights several troubling accusations against 2020 Democrat contender Michael Bloomberg.

Among them is a claim that Bloomberg told a pregnant employee “kill it!”

From Wapo:

On April 11, 1995 at approximately 11:20 a.m., Bloomberg was having a photograph taken with two female Company salespeople and a group of N.Y.U. Business School students, in the company snack area.

When Bloomberg noticed Garrison standing nearby, he asked, “Why didn’t they ask you to be in the picture? I guess they saw your face.”

Continuing his penchant for ridiculing recently married women in his employ, Bloomberg asked plaintiff, “How’s married life? You married?” Plaintiff responded that her marriage was great and was going to get better in a few months: that she was pregnant, and the baby was due the following September.

He responded to her “Kill it!” Plaintiff asked Bloomberg to repeat himself, and again he said, “Kill it!” and muttered, “Great! Number 16!” suggesting to plaintiff his unhappiness that sixteen women in the Company had maternity-related status. Then he walked away.