WATCH: Wapo guest says White people need to go through a “period of deep shame for being White”

During a video titled “What is White racial identity and why is it important?” hosted on the Washington Post’s YouTube channel Ilyse Kennedy, a trauma therapis called for white people to go through a “period of deep shame for being White.”

“We’re unpacking wrong things that we’ve been taught in history class,” Kennedy said. “I realized that I needed to go back and unpack, and reorganized everything that I had learned because it was completely through a White lens.”

“Most of us – in doing this work – have experienced this, where there’s a period of deep shame for being White,” she continued “and for acknowledging the harm that our ancestors have caused. And that’s a very legitimate piece of this work, and we can’t ask people of color to hold our hands through the shame piece.”

“That needs to happen with other White people,” she added.

The YouTube video currently has only 55 thumbs up compared to 3.5k thumbs down.