WATCH: Violent Protesters Smash Window of McDonalds in Dallas

Elijah Schaffer shared a series of highly disturbing acts of vandalism and violence that took place in Dallas Friday night.

One of them was violent protesters smashing a window of McDonalds in Dallas.

Schaffer wrote “Police are standing down. Workers are seen exiting the building”

Schaeffer explained:

WTF is going on in Dallas right now

I just moved here today

This is my first day living here

Just drove in from Los Angeles

And this is what a night out on the town turned into

This is wild

This city is lawless tonight

BREAKING: rioters cheer as they take over the streets of Dallas and traffic honks in solidarity

BREAKING: the streets of Dallas are on fire

Riots are escalating

BREAKING: confirmed looting in Dallas right now at @neimanmarcus

I’ve counted at least 22 businesses broken into and/or damaged including @Starbucks

Police are guarding high end businesses to prevent further theft

The riots continue.