WATCH: Vietnam Vet Blasts BLM and Antifa “Antifa, You’re Fascist, Black Lives Matter, You’re Marxist”

Derek Utley shared a video of a Vietnam Veteran with a powerful message for BLM and Antifa.

The video already has nearly 90k views.


Reaction was mostly positive.

One Twitter user wrote:

This man is a hero, and I’m not even American

He is right. We patriots are black, we are white, we are asian, we are hispanic, we are all the races, we are global, and we are all pissed off and had enough.

Another replied:

. Fantastic! I agree with everything this American hero said! God Bless Him!

Jim Carnivale replied:

I am with 100% God bless you! I stand with you shoulder to shoulder. I hear your rallying call and I believe millions of other do also! We will definitely defeat this loathsome the enemy in the land.

The man also had his critics.

One critic replied “He is Trumps paid artist. There are few of them around.”