WATCH: Videos Show Portland Rioters Using Fireworks and Lasers Against Law Enforcement

Stunning videos show Portland rioters using fireworks and lasers as potentially deadly weapons against law enforcement.

Per Chief Rodney Scott “These are deliberate acts of aggression against Agents who are guarding the federal courthouse. Violent extremists are ramping up the use of these & other weapons that are causing severe bodily harm to our Agents.”

Rioters hiding behind shields shine powerful lasers at federal officers to blind them. Antifa are organized into many units who carry out specific tasks. Those who aren’t fighting act as barriers, cop watchers, resuppliers & “medics.” This was recorded 25 July. #PortlandRiots


Nearly every night for weeks, #antifa & other far-left rioters in Portland have used powerful explosive fireworks as weapons against law enforcement, & to start fires. This has resulted in both local & federal officers suffering concussions & burns.”

Fox News reports the Trump administration is sending more federal agents to Portland, Ore., in a bid to increase its presence against growing groups of protesters and nightly lawlessness.

The U.S. Marshals Service will send 100 deputy U.S. Marshals to Portland, according to an internal Marshals email reviewed by The Washington Post.

The first batch of men and women began arriving Thursday night.