WATCH: Video surfaces of Kerry being asked about taking a private jet to accept environmental award in 2019

Video has surfaced by Fox News of President Biden’s recently appointed climate czar, John Kerry, being called out for taking a private jet to receive the Arctic Circle award for climate leadership.

Icelandic reporter Jóhann Bjarni Kolbeinsson asked Kerry point blank “I understand that you came here with a private jet. Is that an environmental way to travel?”

Kerry replied “If you offset your carbon…it’s the only choice for somebody like me who is traveling the world to win this battle.”

“I negotiated the Paris Accords for the United States,” Kerry continued.  “I’ve been involved with this fight for years. I negotiated with President Xi to bring President Xi to the table so we could get Paris. And, I believe, the time it takes me to get somewhere, I can’t sail across the ocean. I have to fly, meet with people and get things done.”