Video shows thieves looting luxury handbags from San Francisco’s Neiman Marcus

A stunning video shared by Andy Ngo shows a group of thieves running out of a Neiman Marcus with luxury handbags and other stolen goods.

The incident took place in May. More than $150,000 worth of handbags were stolen and at least 10 people took 43 handbags, including some that were forced from security cables.

San Francisco is struggling with a surge in crime.

Per Newsweek “Target Corporation executives said they will begin closing all six of their San Francisco stories earlier than normal because of the city’s rampant crime, particularly shoplifting and thefts.”

“The company said there has been such an alarming rise in crime at their San Francisco stores that they will reduce nighttime hours. Target also added that San Francisco is the only city in the country where its stores’ early closing times will take effect,” the report adds.