WATCH: Video Shows Historic Elk Statue Now Completely Desecrated

Per Andy Ngo “This is what’s left of the Portland elk fountain after antifa militants set it on fire two days ago in the name of BLM. The flames severely damaged the base of the statue, causing the city to remove the elk over fears it could topple & injure someone. No one was arrested.”


Thursday, the elk statue was vandalized and fully engulfed in flames.


The historic sculpture has a rich history:

Per Wikipedia:

The sculpture was donated to the city of Portland, Oregon, United States in 1900. It is located in the Plaza Blocks in downtown Portland.

The Elk is located at Southwest Main between 3rd and 4th Avenues, between Chapman Square and Lownsdale Square in Portland’s Plaza Blocks. It was donated by former Portland mayor David P. Thompson in 1900 to commemorate the elk that once lived in the area.