WATCH: Video of Nadler Stuffing His Face While Attacking Trump Goes Viral

Dem Rep. Jerry Nadler, a constant critic of President Trump, conducted an interview with MSNBC at a diner, where he slammed the president while chewing and talking with his mouth wide open.

President Trump has often attacked Nadler, for ignoring the real crimes from the high-ranking elites like Hillary Clinton, within his own party.

100 Percent Fed Up reported that Jerrold Nadler has a huge responsibility as the current Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee so it’s disturbing that someone with such an important and high-level committee position has the manners of a toddler. During an interview with John Harwood of MSNBC, Nadler eats like it’s his last meal while Harwood waits patiently for the Judiciary Chairman to gobble up his eggs.

Even worse, he’s on camera! Does he even realize he’s on camera? You have to wonder!

Watch the video below as Nadler slumps in his seat with elbows on the table and shovels food into his mouth and even talks with his mouth full of food.

Watch the video: