WATCH: Video of child ripping down American flag causes outrage, stirs debate

A video of a child ripping down an American Flag and throwing it to the ground has caused outrage and debate on Twitter.

One Twitter user replied “Same sort of crap is happening here. Our kids are being taught that our flag, our Queen and our history are things to be ashamed of and destroyed…. Usually by school teachers no less.”

Another, taking the opposite side wrote “this child is being raised better than you were”

A large number of progressive Twitter users defended the child’s actions.

“Good job. Don’t raise your children to believe in failed states,” one wrote.

Meanwhile, many were upset, one Twitter user wrote “Please don’t allow this behavior in your country. It’s the first stage to abolish the original symbols of the country and then impose a new symbols with obscure meanings for a new kind of government. We passed the same at Venezuela.”

Recently, the Black Lives Matter Utah Chapter declared the American Flag “a symbol of hatred” in a Facebook post.