WATCH: Vernon Jones discusses his gubernatorial challenge to Gov. Brian Kemp

Appearing on SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Sunday with Joel Pollak, Rep. Vernon Jones discussed his gubernatorial challenge to Governor Brian Kemp.

“I supported Donald Trump in 2016, but people laughed at me,” Jones said. “No one from the media paid any attention because they didn’t think he could win, but he did. Right now, again, the liberal media [are] doing this to me because I’m their worst nightmare. I’m a black MAGA man with a strong legislative experience — 12 years as a legislator, eight years as a county executive — I’ve run a government.”

“I have more executive experience than Brian Kemp or anybody else thinking about running [for governor],” Jones continued “and Stacey Abrams has none at all. The only thing she’s ever run was her mouth. What Georgians are looking for is a fighter, and I’m a proven fighter. I am not afraid of the left. I am not afraid of the ragged liberal media.”