WATCH: VA Teacher who went viral resigning in protest of CRT curriculum speaks out

Laura Morris, a former teacher of Loudoun County Public Schools became a viral sensation when video of her announcing she was quitting due to the progressive agenda being forced upon her during a school board meeting.

This included an agenda she believes was counter to her Christian beliefs and anti-White.

Appearing with Tucker Carlson, Morris said she has received an outpouring of support.

“One of the emails I received from another state, from Connecticut, it’s been said that one candle can only light a thousand others without diminishing its own illumination and he said, you are that candle,” Morris told Carlson.

“I was so moved by those words because I never thought of myself in that position, never felt like — in fact, I feel like the blessing of God pouring down for me which is happy that I’m so excited what I did and what I said might spark others, illuminate in others the desire to put some action to their words,” she continued.

“There’s a lot of wars going on in county, people upset on both sides, and I’m just noticing more and more that doesn’t seem to be changing things,” Morris later said.

“But if people do something bold, when people put action to their words, actions speak louder than words and that seems to be captivating people,” she added. “So I’m excited to see what other actions people might be taking.”

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