WATCH: US Attorney confirms 150 federal cases tied to govt property destruction and “litany of other crimes”

Appearing on Fox News with Tucker Carlson, D.C. U.S Attorney Michael Sherwin confirmed 150 federal cases tied to federal government property destruction and a “litany of other crimes.”

Michael Sherwin:

Under the leadership of President Trump, and the direction of the Attorney General, the United States attorney’s offices across the United States have charged to date 150 federal cases related not only to the destruction of federal property but also a litany of other crimes that really have been lost in the shuffle.

In addition to the arson cases, there are several other federal charges that a been levied across the United States … related to murder in California, to arson throughout the United States, and destruction of properties.

Per Fox News, Sherwin vowed on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” Thursday that the federal government “will use all resources” to protect monuments “both in the D.C. area and throughout the United States” over the July 4 holiday weekend.

The Department of Homeland Security is deploying a special unit across the country to protect monuments and statues from a fresh wave of vandalism and destruction like that which sprung from protests following the May 25 death of George Floyd in Minneapolis police custody.