WATCH: Unhinged Protester Calls Dan Crenshaw a “Nazi,” His Response is Perfect

Recently, a left-wing protester approached Republican congressman Dan Crenshaw, a former Navy SEAL combat veteran who lost a eye while serving in Afghanistan, and called the veteran-turned-lawmaker a “Nazi.”

The protester continued to tell Crenshaw that he “should be ashamed of his service in Afghanistan,” which he said was an “you should be ashamed of yourself, not proud of your service,” before angrily storming off without waiting for a response.

Unfazed, Crenshaw laughed as he replied, “If you have to call somebody a Nazi, it’s a good indicator that you haven’t thought through your argument very well.”

Laughing, the Texas congressman continued, “That was fun, at least we had a little bit of fun,” but added, “At least get a little more creative with your insults.”