WATCH: UNHINGED Nadler CUTS MIC of Rep. Gaetz During Barr Testimony

Democrat Rep. and House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler cut the mic of Republican colleague Matt Gaetz on Thursday, as Gaetz attempted to ask a question during Nadler’s monologue against US Attorney General William Barr.

Barr, who has borne the brunt of Democrats’ wrath following the release of the Mueller report, with Democrats such as Nadler, Pelosi, and others directly blaming the Attorney General for President Trump’s ultimate vindication.

Following a contentious hearing before Senate Democrats, Barr declined to appear before the House Judiciary committee, prompting a furious response from Nadler, who has threatened to have the AG arrested for contempt of Congress.

Gaetz, while attempting to interject, was repeatedly ignored, prompting the frustrated lawmaker to ask “There is not going to be a recognition of members who seek legitimate inquiry as to the procedures?” before having his mic silenced.

For Nadler and other Democrats, US Attorney General William Barr has become the “whipping boy” as the party struggles to cope with the fact that special counsel Robert Mueller’s lengthy investigation yielded no wrongdoing against President Trump.