WATCH: U.S. Olympian urges athletes to respect the flag, says “wearing that flag is an honor”

Appearing on Fox News, U.S. Olympic Archer Brady Ellison urged athletes to respect the American flag.

“When it comes to the Olympics, this is truly one of the most unpolitical pieces of sport that we have,” he said. “Where else do you have all the different countries from everywhere all over the world come to this? And we’re not fighting; we get along inside this village and I think it’s a lesson for everyone.”

“And then when you bring politics into it… I think it just kind of taints everything,” he continued.

“Representing the USA is representing all the people,” Ellison added “Everything that we have in the USA, good and bad, and our flag. And I think a lot of people want to be on an Olympic team, no matter where they’re from, to represent their country at the highest level of sport.”

“Wearing that flag is an honor. Wearing USA is an honor and I would have to think that most of the people are definitely in that boat, the same boat that I’m in,” he concluded.