WATCH: Tulsa Crowd Chants “Four More Years! Four More Years!”

A massive crowd awaits President Trump in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

A chant of “Four more years!” is taking place ahead of Trump’s speech.


From earlier:

Live music and a packed line outside the BOK Center in downtown Tulsa for Donald Trump’s rally this evening

Thousands in line for the Trump rally outside the BOK Center in downtown Tulsa

The rally line is moving through towards temperature checks, the first time these have been at a Trump rally

Trump supporters cheering for the National Guard as they walk past the line

Longest line ever this early ahead of a Trump rally, and this is only one of 3 in downtown Tulsa right now

People are excited and dressed up for Trump’s rally tonight.

So far I have met several local folks showing up for the presidents rally downtown. One couple from Tulsa, another from Bartlesville. Both saying they jumped on the opportunity to be here today @KTULNews

Modern Trump Art. Don’t know what to make of this.