WATCH: Tucker warns here we go again, “Omicron is here. It’s a whole new pandemic.”

Wednesday, Tucker said  “By now, you’ve probably heard of the terrifying new coronavirus variant that has left the continent of Africa smoldering husk of human misery. Experts are calling it the omicron variant, omicron being a Greek term that apparently means history-ending apocalypse. Even in Africa, a part of the world sadly familiar with suffering, omicron is like nothing the authorities have ever seen.”

“Consider the nation of Botswana, a landlocked country in southern Africa about the size of France. Yesterday, officials there reported that two people may possibly have died from the omicron variant. Now it’s true that many more people in Botswana died yesterday from malaria, AIDS, diarrhea, drowning car crashes, choking on peanuts, domestic disputes, agricultural accidents and also just because in the end, human beings tend to get old and die,” he continued.

“Statistically, that is a valid observation, but it does not lessen the existential terror of the rest of us feel knowing that omicron exists. No, it certainly doesn’t. As the chairman of the Federal Reserve announced yesterday, thanks to Omicron and not at all due to the criminally reckless decisions that he has made personally, thanks to omicron, our economy is going to be terrible for a long time, and we’re definitely going to need a lot of mail-in ballots in the coming mid-term elections for your safety, of course. And vaccines, yes, we’re going to need a lot more vaccines. In addition to the two you probably already had, you’re going to need a third vaccine at least. Pfizer’s orders,” he added.

Later Tucker said “Well, yeah. Look what’s happening in Botswana tonight. So we’re going to get more vaccines and “lockdowns” for anyone who resists getting the injection. And we’re not joking this time. Omicron is here. It’s a whole new pandemic.”