WATCH: Tucker Carlson Brutally Mocks Jim Acosta and His New Book

Fox News sensation Tucker Carlson went after CNN’s Jim Acosta, who is busy trying to peddle his anti-Trump book called, “Enemy of The People.”

Acosta posted pictures of himself at a recent book singing, where there were a lot of books, but no actual people.

Daily Caller reported that Carlson poked fun at CNN chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta during a Friday night “Tucker Carlson Tonight” segment on liberal media bias.

The Fox News host opened the segment by introducing a CNN clip of Acosta and Don Lemon “complimenting one another for a job well done.”

“No one has ever accused Jim Acosta of being a genius,” Tucker said. “Even by our estimates, it’s pretty shocking that he is so proud of himself.”

Carlson’s comments came the same day fellow Fox News host Sean Hannity tussled with Acosta on Twitter about a contention in the CNN correspondent’s recently-released book that both Fox News hosts purposefully ignored him on a press bus.

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Fox News contributor Dan Bongino brought up the controversy during his “Dan Bongino’s Explosive Headlines” segment at the end of Carlson’s show.

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