WATCH: Tucker blasts YouTube CEO over Censorship

During a fiery monologue, popular Fox News host Tucker Carlson blasted YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki over her qualifications to run the world’s largest streaming video site and their censorship.

Carlson explained “In the fall of 1998, Susan Wojcicki had just turned 30 years old and was working at the marketing department of some big company in the Bay Area. Wojcicki was hardly a failure. She had a college degree and a job. On the other hand, it’s hard to imagine that anyone who knew her at the time thought she was going to become rich and powerful someday. But things change fast.”

“In one of those amazing windfalls of good fortune, these great movies about Wojcicki rented her garage to the two guys who founded Google. And voila. Twenty-three years later, she’s worth more than half a billion dollars and runs YouTube, the largest digital platform in the world,’ Carlson continued.

“We tell you this not to attack Susan Wojcicki’s life story, good luck is a great thing, but simply to remind you that many of the people now in charge of your life have no relevant qualifications to justify the power they now hold. They just fell into it, as people do,” he added.

“What’s infuriating is that they won’t admit this. They pretend that the control they wield is part of the natural order of things somehow, that they deserve it, that they’re God. Most of them forget that not so long ago they worked in the marketing department. Susan Wojcicki announced that she plans to censor any information about COVID that she doesn’t like, even if that information has been posted by physicians who are treating COVID,” Carlson warned.