WATCH: Tucker predicts Dems will pack the Supreme Court using “Diversity” as Justification

Moments ago, Fox News host Tucker Carlson warned he believes if Biden and Harris win the election they will justify court-packing by citing diversity.

In fact, Carlson believes Harris telegraphed the plan in how she answered the question on court packing.

Carlson said “What we learned last night is that identity politics has a bigger purpose. It is the justification the Democrats will use to tear down our centuries old system of government and replace it with one party rule with themselves in charge. The evidence came towards last night’s debate when Mike Pence asked Harris what the moderator didn’t ask but should have.”

Carlson then asks “Does she and Biden plan to pack the Supreme Court of the United States? Does the Biden administration intend to convert our 3rd branch of government into a partisan super-legislature with lifetime tenure?”

“It’s a pretty simple question. It’s a vital question. Political courts are the hallmarks of Banana republics and dictatorships. We don’t want that here,” he continued.”

Tucker Carlson then played a clip of Kamala Harris saying that of Trump’s 50 lifetime appointments to the appeals courts “not one is black”

“Unfortunately she was not dodging it,” Tucker warns “She was answering the question and she was answering it honestly, believe it or not. If she and Joe Biden win next month they will indeed pack the Supreme Court. They’ll justify doing that in the name of diversity.”