WATCH: Tucker accuses Democrats of using coordinating lying to re-write history of capitol riot

During a recent segment of his show Tucker Carlson accuses Democrats of using coordinating lying to re-write history on what happened on the Capitol riot January 6th.

After playing a clip of Democrat AOC, Carlson said “at this point, the truth doesn’t matter. What matters is who gets to write the history of what happens, who gets to define what the truth is. There’s a reason that within hours, Democrats begin describing the riot as a racial attack. It was confusing to hear that at first, if you watched it and knew what happened.”

“As awful as it was, there was nothing racial about what happened that day,” Carlson continues, adding “claiming otherwise is an absurd fantasy and a lie. But no one pushed back against that lie, so they kept repeating it. Now, weeks later, it is the accepted version of what happened. Powerful lawmakers just say it from the House floor like it’s fact, like it’s been proven in some objective inquiry.”

“Why are they claiming that it was some kind of “What nationalist insurrection,” to use the words of Adam Schiff?” Carlson asks.

“You know the answer. Everyone does, though almost everyone is too cowardly to say it out loud. They’re saying that so they can lump you in with the people who broke into the Capitol and punish you for crimes you did not commit and never supported.”

“If what happened on Jan. 6 was a riot, and it was, then we can arrest the rioters and punish them, and we should. If what happened on Jan. 6 was an insurrection, a failed revolution, an attempted coup, then it’s something else entirely. Then we need a military response, a new war against our own population. Not surprisingly, that’s exactly what they’re calling for,” he added.