WATCH: Trump Warns Mexico of “Phase 2” if Government Fails to Stop Migration Crisis

On Wednesday, President Trump cautioned the Mexican government, warning of a “phase two” should the country fail to address the surging number of Central American migrants illegally entering the US via Mexico.

“If Mexico does a great job, then you’re not going to be having very many people coming up,” said Trump. “If they don’t, then we have phase two,” noting, “Phase two is very tough, but I think they’re going to do a good job.”

“Now, Mexico is moving 6,000 troops to their southern border,” said Trump. “That’s a lot of troops, we never even heard of a number like that.”

Trump continued, “That’s a lot of troops,” and said “I think Mexico really wants to produce.”

The president’s remarks came shortly after an agreement between the US and Mexico in which the Mexican government vowed to halt the flow of illegal migrants in order to avoid 5% tariffs which Trump had threatened to impose.