WATCH: Trump Supporters Camped Outside in Toledo for Rally Despite Freezing Cold Weather

Trump supporters camped out overnight in Toledo, Ohio despite freezing cold temperatures to get to be in the front when President Trump holds a rally tonight.

WTVG reports one day before President Trump’s rally in Toledo those who support him the most are camping out, waiting to hear him speak.

“I decided if I’m going to come down here I’ve got to get a good spot,” Carlo Maiale said.

Maiale jumped in line early Wednesday outside the Huntington Center, securing his spot for the president’s Thursday night speech. Maiale made the trek from Clinton Township, Michigan, and says he’s excited to attend his first presidential rally.

“The thought of him being up close, seeing him speak — just telling it like it is — is just the best part,” Maiale said. “That’s what makes it worth it.”

While it’s a first-time experience for some, others are keeping close count of their times seeing President Trump.