WATCH: Trump shares aerial video of massive rally audience in Tucson, Arizona

Moments ago, President Trump shared an aerial photo of the massive rally audience that came to see him in Tucson, Arizona.

Trump wrote “THANK YOU TUCSON, ARIZONA! Together, we are going to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!!'”


Earlier, Trump shared another angle:

Along with a view from the plane:

Countering reports that there is pessimism in his campaign about the prospects of victory, Trump also wrote “@maggieNYT There has never been a time in either of my two Campaigns when I felt we had a stronger chance of winning than we do right now. Early voting reports look far stronger than originally anticipated. Every RALLY is BOFFO. @MarkMeadows & team are doing a fantastic job….”

He added “…There has never been more enthusiasm or spirit, by everyone. Great fun, and so good for our Country. Already winning many states, but not reported. Biden put the LID on again – raising money with promises. They finally caught him, COLD, and he knows it. Laptop is devastating!”