WATCH: Trump Says “Some People Said I’m Trolling The Democrats And Maybe I Am”

RCP reports President Donald Trump said maybe he is trolling Democrats by going to South Carolina on Friday to host a “Keep America Great” campaign rally just one day before the state’s Democratic presidential primary.

Trump made the comments Thursday at a White House roundtable celebrating Black History Month featuring national conservative and Trump-supporting African-American personalities.

“The press isn’t going to write that and they’re not going to write a lot of the things that were said in this room today because they just chose not to,” Trump said. “I don’t know why they chose not to but so many nice things were said. We have tremendous media in this room. We have tremendous no matter where I go, I guess.

And I can honestly say that was true before I was president. I don’t know what it is. Someday, someone will explain that to me, but that’s what it’s been. I guess that’s how I got to be president to a certain extent.”

“They don’t explain opportunity zones with Sen. Tim Scott from South Carolina. He’ll be with me. I’ll be making a speech tomorrow, a rally, and sells out immediately. We have tremendous popularity in South Carolina. We’re going to go down,” the president said.

“Some people said I am trolling the Democrats and maybe I am,” he said. “We did it in Colorado, we did it in New Hampshire. No matter where we go, Iowa, we have much bigger crowds. If one of the — if Pochahontas has 2,000 people. Oh, what a crowd. And I’ll have 15,000 people inside and I’ll tell you, you saw Colorado, we had 20, 25,000 people outside. They don’t say anything about the crowds. And the cameras don’t cover the crowds.”