WATCH: Trump reacts to Biden’s fall, says “I expected it” and “that tumble was terrible”

Appearing via phone with Greg Kelly on NewsmaxTV, former President Trump reacted to Biden’s fall while ascending stairs on Air Force One, saying “I expected it.”

“I expected it,” Trump told Kelly. “When I went down the ramp at West Point, which was like a sheet of ice with no railing, no nothing – great planning – I wanted to go inch by inch because the last thing I wanted to do is take a tumble like Biden did.”

“That tumble was terrible,” Trump he continued “It wasn’t really 1, it was 3, and it wasn’t mentioned for the most part. It wasn’t mentioned in the lamestream, as we call it, the lamestream media. It wasn’t mentioned. It’s terrible. The whole thing is incredible. There’s no longer freedom of the press.”