WATCH: Trump lawyer claims team will be able to prove “egregious fraud” within “the next two weeks,” claims “we have more than enough evidence now”

Friday, Trump lawyer Sidney Powell followed up with a controversial press appearance Thursday by claiming her team will be able to prove her claims on Dominion voting systems “within the next two weeks,” saying “we have more than enough evidence now.”

Powell told Maria Bartiromo of the Fox Business network “we have more evidence now than the present population is imprisoned on.”

Powell laughed at a statement from Dominion voting systems denying her claim that the software was used to pull votes from Trump and give them to Biden and that the company is connected to Venezuela.

“All I can tell you is that well, the company might have somehow severed or tried to sever the relationships recently, I don’t know how they are parsing their words, but I can tell you that the company was started with Venezuelan money in Venezuela for the express purpose of rigging elections for Hugo Chavez,” Powell said.

She later added “We have evidence now of information from the systems going to three or four different foreign countries during the time of the election, those countries themselves could have watched the live votes come in and changed at the numbers. There’s significant evidence of foreign interference from the worst communist countries on the Earth with our election.”

Dominion had denied all of the claims from Powell and said their results are “100% auditable.”

Dominion has strongly denied all of the campaign’s claims, insisting that it is a nonpartisan U.S. company that has no ties with Venezuela or other countries, that it does not have the ability to monitor votes in real time, and that all results are “100% auditable.”