WATCH: Trump Lawyer Accuses Dems of Purposely Leaving Out Key Evidence on “Burden Sharing”

Top White House lawyer Pat Cipollone argued that Democrats purposely left out a key piece of evidence regarding “burden-sharing” among nations.

Per TheBlaze, Cipollone’s argument even resonated with CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin who, in his analysis of the Trump defense team’s remarks, acknowledged the president’s lawyers raised a “legitimate” point by underscoring the president’s longstanding concerns with foreign aid and burden-sharing among nations.

“They did make one good point about [the transcript], I thought, which was the president did about burden-sharing in that phone call, and the House managers didn’t focus on that or even mention it. And fair is fair,” he said, the Washington Examiner reported.

“He has talked about it before, and that was, I thought, a very legitimate good point made by the defense,” he added.

Toobin also acknowledged that Trump is “winning” impeachment case against him.

“They didn’t tell you that burden sharing was discussed in the call,” Cipollone said Saturday, referring to Trump’s call with the president of Ukraine.


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