WATCH: Trump Hits Amash, “He’s Been a Loser for a Long Time”

Speaking to reporters on Monday, President Trump slammed Republican Rep. Justin Amash, who recently stated the Mueller report proved “impeachable conduct,” calling the Michigan lawmaker a “loser.”

“I’ve known [Amash,] and he’s been against Trump from the beginning,” said Trump, going on to speculate that Amash’s political career will suffer.

Trump said Amash “probably wants to run for some other office,” adding, “I don’t think he’ll do very well, he’s been a loser for a long time.”

The president went on to note that, as a lawmaker, Amash “Rarely votes for Republicans, and personally I think he’s not much.”

Amash, after making his impeachment remarks, has drawn continued scorn from fellow Republican colleagues, conservative pundits, and Trump supporters.