WATCH: Trump hangs up on NPR during Interview

Former President Trump hung up on NPR’s Steve Inskeep during an interview on Wednesday.

Prior to Trump hanging up Inskeep asked ” If you’ll forgive me, maybe because the election was about you. If I can just move on to ask, are you telling Republicans in 2022 that they must press your case on the past election in order to get your endorsement? Is that an absolute?”

Trump replied “They’re going to do whatever they want to do. Whatever they have to do, they’re going to do. But the ones that are smart, the ones that know you take a look at – again, you take a look at how Kari Lake is doing running for governor. She’s very big on this issue. She’s leading by a lot. People have no idea how big this issue is. And they don’t want it to happen again. It shouldn’t be allowed to happen. And they don’t want it to happen again…and the only way it’s not going to happen again is you have to solve the problem of the presidential rigged election of 2020…

Inskeep cut in and said “Mr. President, if I…”

“So Steve, thank you very much. I appreciate it,” Trump said, handing up.

Inskeep went on and said “that’s how the phone call ended with former President Donald Trump. The question we started to ask was about the attack on the Capitol inspired by election lies. A judge is considering whether Trump can be held liable for his actions in court. If he can be, then Trump or his lawyers would someday have to answer the questions he did not answer in our shortened conversation.”