WATCH: Trump Explains Why He Didn’t Notify Schiff and Pelosi of the Soleimani Strike

During a packed rally in Toledo, Ohio, President Trump explained to the crowd why he didn’t notify Democrat leaders Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff ahead of the Soleimani strike.

Trump argued that they could not be trusted and would have likely leaked to CNN, who would then warn of his actions with a breaking report so Soleimani could get away first.


BizPacReview reports “We have Bernie [Sanders] and Nancy Pelosi all involved, trying to say, ‘How dare you take him out that way; you should get permission from Congress. You should come in and tell us what you want to do. You should come in and tell us so that we can call up the fake news that’s back there and we can leak it,’” he said mockingly.

He added that when the time to eliminate Soleimani arrived, he had only minutes (if not seconds) to choose whether or not to take the shot.

“These are split-second decisions. … We didn’t have the time to call up Nancy, who is not operating with a full deck,” the president explained. “Now they want us to call. Can you imagine calling crooked Adam Schiff. He is so crooked, Shifty Schiff.”

So crooked, Trump continued, that had he told the House Intelligence Committee chair beforehand about the operation, Schiff would have probably leaked the details.

“Adam, how are you doing?” he said, improvising what his call with Schiff would have sounded like. “Listen, we have the world’s number one terrorist. He’s killed thousands of people. We would like to set up a meeting so we can discuss his execution. … We’ve got them lined up, Adam, you little Pencil Neck … we’ve got them lined up. We’ve got to take this guy out. We are not going to have another shot at him maybe ever again.”

Upon learning about the operation, Schiff would have immediately rushed to CNN to let them in on all the details, the president predicted.

“Schiff is the big leaker,” he said. “He leaks [to] crazy CNN. … But he leaks, so he will say, ‘You know, off the record … they’ve got the number one terrorist in the world, Soleimani, they are gonna get them, they’re gonna take him out in the next 10 minutes.’”

And the next thing his administration would have known, Trump continued, CNN would have run a breaking “bombshell” news story announcing, “We have breaking news. President Trump within the next 20 to 25 minutes looks to be taking out terrorist Gen. Soleimani. He’s gonna do it. It should be happening in the next 20 minutes.”

“Then we get back to the battlefield,” the president said, describing what would have happened next in this fictional scenario. “How’d you do fellas? I don’t know sir, he disappeared.”