WATCH: Trump Campaign Manager Promises “Bigger, Better, and Badder” 2020 Run

During a recent interview, Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale discussed the president’s plan for the 2020 election, vowing a “bigger, better, and badder” approach than the now-legendary 2016 campaign effort

“We’re still building on of the largest ground games in history,” said Parscale, “So I’ll give you some numbers: in 2016, we had [around] 700,000 volunteers, we plan on 1.6 million volunteers for 2020.”

Parscale continued to tout the Trump campaign’s plans to incorporate technology “on your phone, through apps and other development, and other things.”

“Some people might just hold block parties, some people might be engaging on social media,” explained Parscale. “Some people might be knocking door-to-door. In every single metric, we’re looking at being bigger, better and badder than we were in 2016.”

For Trump, who is heading into the 2020 election facing off against Democrat powerhouses such as Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden, the prospect of more fierce competition has left his campaign team working overtime to prepare for a contentious election year.