WATCH: Trump Blasts NBC Reporter “I say that you’re a terrible reporter”

Moments ago, President Trump had a contentious exchange with a NBC reporter Peter Alexander.

Trump ripped NBC journalist Peter Alexander for suggesting he was giving Americans “false sense of hope” to Americans and to “put a positive spin on things.”

Peter Alexander:

Is it possible that your impulse to put a positive spin on things may be giving Americans a false sense of hope and misrepresenting preparedness right now?

President Trump:

No I don’ think so….Such a lovely question. Look, i agree with the doctor with what he said. it may work and it may not work. I feel good about it. that’s all it is, just a feeling….it’s been out there for over 20 years…. I sure the hell think we ought to give it a try. 

Peter Alexander:

What do you see Americans who are watching you right now that are scared though I guess. Nearly 200 dead. 14,000 who are sick. Millions as you witnessed who are scared right now. What do you say to Americans who are watching you right now who are scared?

President Trump:

I say that you are a terrible reporter. I think that’s a very nasty question, and I think it’s a very bad signal that you’re putting out to the American people.


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