WATCH: Trump Blasts CNN Reporter in Fiery Exchange “You people are so pathetic at CNN”

During the most recent coronavirus briefing, President Trump had a contentious exchange with CNN reporter Jeremy Diamond.

CNN REPORTER JEREMY DIAMOND: On President Xi, you now talk about the missteps that China made early on in this crisis and how it put the United States behind the curve.

PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: Well, based on an investigation we are going to find out. Yeah, sure.

DIAMOND: So, when you repeatedly prized Xi in January and February, you said he will solve the problem, you said he was doing a great job. Were you duped by president Xi?

TRUMP: No, no, no. I made a deal that’s phenomenal for the United States. You know who was duped? You and the Obama Administration were duped for years because China was ripping off this country like in the history of any country, nobody has been ripped off like the United States by China and many other countries ,and we stop it. And we have done a deal where they are paying us 250 — they are buying — they didn’t do anything for us. You know, we didn’t even have a deal. It was so bad … It is about a deal. Because the deal started a long time ago before anybody heard about this — the deal was finished a number of months ago, I was very happy. I hope they were happy. Billions of dollars came in in tariffs. Billions of dollars. They’re going to be purchasing billions. And then all of the sudden, long after that, I find out about this. And I told you —

DIAMOND: [Repeatedly interrupting]

TRUMP: Listen CNN. Listen CNN. I told you, I’m not happy about it. And this was after the deal. So we have this wonderful deal and I was very — nobody‘s been tougher before the deal ever on China than Trump. Then I made a deal, was very happy with the deal. It’s a great deal, great for our farmers. The farmers have been paid a fortune already. Then what happened … now I find out after the deal, after the deal, I find out, I’m not happy.

DIAMOND: [Repeatedly interrupting]

TRUMP: You people are so pathetic at CNN. I was very happy with the deal. Very happy with everything. Then we find out about the plague, right? The plague. And since we found out about that, I’m not happy. But I closed it up long before Pelosi —

DIAMOND: [Repeatedly interrupting]

TRUMP: Listen, long before Pelosi, she was having parties in San Francisco. Let’s all go to Chinatown, and that was a long time after I closed up the country … That’s why your ratings are so bad because you’re pathetic. Your ratings are terrible, you gotta get back to real news.