WATCH: Trump Asks Reporter “Who are you working for, China?”

DailyCaller reports President Donald Trump pressed a reporter on Monday about whether she was working for the Chinese government after she asked a question about medical supplies that Beijing has provided the United States.

The reporter, who said she was with Phoenix TV, a Hong Kong-based outlet sympathetic to Beijing, began her question by noting that the Chinese government and companies like Huawei and Alibaba have donated medical supplies and equipment to the U.S. to handle coronavirus pandemic.

“It’s a statement more than a question,” Trump said after the reporter finished listing off the aid.

Trump then went on a riff about a massive trade deficit between the U.S. and China that he said he has addressed during his administration. (RELATED: NYT Allows Chinese Ambassador To Push Propaganda)

The reporter interjected to ask Trump, “Are you cooperating with China?”

Trump shot back: “Who are your working for, China?”

“Do you work for China, or are you with a newspaper? Who are you with?” he continued.

The reporter said that she works for Phoenix TV.

“Who owns that, China? Is it owned by China? Is it owned by the state?” Trump pressed.

“It’s a private company,” the reporter said.

While Phoenix TV is not wholly owned by the Chinese government, its content is widely considered to be sympathetic to Beijing.