WATCH: Trump and Melania Send Prayers to France as Notre Dame Burns

On Monday, President Trump responded to the tragic fire at the Notre Dame Cathedral in France, which has ravaged the nearly 1,000 year-old structure, and has left the world devastated.

Calling the fire “a very, very sad thing,” Trump sent his condolences to Frances, stating that Americans “all want to extend our regards, and our hopes,” adding, “God Bless You to Paris and to France.”

The president took to social media, where he called the fire “horrible,” while offering suggestions, which were quickly politicized by the left-leaning media.

First Lady Melania Trump also took to social media to acknowledge the tragedy, noting that her “heart breaks for the people of Paris,” adding, “Praying for everyone’s safety.”

As of Monday evening, the cause of the fire, as well as the extent of the damage to the historic Cathedral, remains unknown.