WATCH: Trudeau Under Fire Over “Bowing” Head to Iranian Foreign Minister

Canadian leader Justin Trudeau is under fire after clearly bowing his head to Iranian foreign minister Javad Zarif.

The clip was then played on Iranian State television and likely used for propaganda purposes.

DailyCaller reports Trudeau met with Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif while attending the Munch Security Conference.

Trudeau’s handshake and quick bow were broadcast over Iranian state television and brought condemnation from many as the meeting came roughly a month after Iran shot down a Ukrainian aircraft killing 57 Canadians on board. Trudeau said he was seeking updated information on the crash.

Conservative Member of Parliament Michelle Rempel Garner criticized Trudeau on Friday, suggesting it was part of the prime minister’s motivation. “If this is what it takes to get a seat on the UN Security Council I don’t want it. How’s that ‘fulsome and complete’ investigation of the crash site going?” Rempel tweeted


The move drew comparisons to Obama.