WATCH: Triple Amputee Veteran Crosses US-Mexico Border in Wheelchair “It Was Easy”

In a new video that is quickly going viral, US Air Force veteran and triple amputee Brian Kolfage, an outspoken supporter of President Trump and a strong proponent for border security, filmed himself crossing the US-Mexico border unassisted.

From his wheelchair, Kolfage used his one remaining limb to maneuver his wheelchair across the border in areas of New Mexico and Texas, which he said “was easy.”

Kolfage explains that some areas which he was easily able to cross were designated “natural barriers” by the Obama administration.

With the issue of border security remaining at the forefront of political discussions ahead of the 2020 election, a growing number of US citizens and law enforcement officials are demanding lawmakers take action to confront the growing number of illegal migrants.


100 Percent Fed Up reported that triple amputee veteran, Brian Kolfage, is the most seriously wounded U.S. Air Force member to survive his injuries. Last year, after it became obvious that the Democrat Party leaders in Congress were not going to help President Trump build a wall on our southern border, Kolfage started his own Go Fund Me fundraiser.

Kolfage wanted to find a way to get around the obstructionist lawmakers in D.C. and give U.S. citizens the ability to directly contribute to the construction of a wall on our southern border. To date, Kolfage and his team of committed patriots have raised over $26 million on their Go Fund Me site.

In the video below, Kolfage can be seen easily crossing over into Juarez, Mexico from a rural area of New Mexico, just outside of Columbus. The point where he crosses over into Mexico is where Texas, New Mexico, and Mexico meet.  The next day, Kolfage wheeled into Mexico from El Paso, Texas, claiming it was, “easy to do.”