WATCH: Trevor Noah Mocks Trump’s Tulsa Turnout, Praises “meddling kids” on TikTok

Deadline reports the comedy fallout over President Donald Trump’s less-than-perfect rally Saturday continued apace tonight as Trevor Noah weighed in. During his monologue for The Daily Social Distancing Show, the host fairly reveled in the embarrassingly low turnout that reportedly (gasp!) made POTUS furious.

“Aww, poor Trump,” Noah said. “Somebody who was born into wealth and never suffered a single consequence for his actions, this dude just cannot catch a break.”

So why was the turnout so low? Was it, as the Trump campaign claims, because protesters blocked the entrances? “The most likely explanation for all of those empty seats in that arena is that as much as some people love Trump, they also love not dying from coronavirus.”

Then there’s that other explanation that has been circulating since Saturday night: that TikTok-using teenage fans of K-pop banded together to troll the -in-chief by ordering blocks of tickets that they never planned to use.

“Goddamn, that is hilarious,” Noah said with a smile. “Getting foiled by a bunch of meddling kids. I mean, that means Trump is basically a Scooby-Doo villain now. Well, at least Scooby-Doo villains wear masks.”