WATCH: Tracy Morgan Defends Trump, Offers Message of Unity Amid Crisis

Comedian and Actor Tracy Morgan defended President Trump and offered a message of unity amid the Coronavirus pandemic that is getting lots of attention and views.

Tracy Morgan:

Right now we’re struggling. People want to criticize the President but imagine being the President of the country and half the country got sick. So it’s difficult for him. We all got to pull together as people. 

Here were some of the responses.

In a separate interview with Howard Stern, Morgan thanked medical professionals for their heroic work during this time.

“To the nurses, and the doctors, and the first responders, and everybody involved: You’re my hero,” he said. “I love you. Keep working hard. We need you. And really, that’s coming from my heart. F— show business. These people are out there, man. They’re on the front lines dealing with this sh—.”

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