WATCH: Tomi has message for Dems, Celebs cheering Trump’s Twitter ban

Tomi Lahren spoke out on President Trump being suspended from multiple social media platforms, warning it could backfire in the long run.

Lahren argued the left “has overplayed its hand” and may not be happy with the precedent set by Trump being permanently banned on Twitter.

“I do think they think it was some kind of victory,” Lahren said “They think it was justified, but there are probably 75, 80 million plus Americans out there who look at this as a true assault on our rights and our freedoms.”

“and I would caution those on the left that are cheering this – Hillary Clinton, Chrissy Teigan, other celebrities that think that this is such a great think,” she continued.

“What makes them think that this also couldn’t happen to them?” Lahren asked.