WATCH: Tlaib under fire after video emerges of her dancing maskless among crowd

Monday, Robby Starbuck shared a video and wrote “Democrat Rep. Rashida Tlaib partied last night with 100+ maskless people. Dems want your kids stuck in masks at school ALL DAY while they party maskless with their friends.”

He added later “Hey @RashidaTlaib you gonna explain why you’re out partying maskless in defiance of CDC guidelines or can you admit between this & Obama’s party that this is about controlling people? In 2022 you’ll have to deal with reps like me in the majority holding you accountable. Be ready.”

“You can’t make this stuff up. The same day she partied maskless, she went on twitter to chastise @RandPaul for the crime of telling people to be free and stop listening to mandates. “Start resisting the virus”… Is that what you were doing dancing in a big crowd