WATCH: Tlaib Mocked for Suggesting “Hunger Strike” to “Shut Down” ICE

Radical left Democrat lawmaker Rashida Tlaib is calling on Americans to go on a hunger strike to “shut down” ICE.

Daily Caller reported that Tlaib suggested that Americans engage in a hunger strike to “shut down” the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) rather than abolishing the agency through congressional approval.

“I want you not to only share things on social media, but pick up the phone because many of your Michigan delegation members need to also be loud and clear about this action,” Tlaib told a crowd of supporters on Sunday while delivering the keynote address for the Michigan Coalition for Human Rights.

“You know, there’s so many movements that we’re all part of. It won’t take us getting them information from the subpoena only,” Tlaib continued. “You know what it’s going to take? Movements outside of the halls of Congress, movements outside of [the] White House.”

The Michigan congresswoman has been an outspoken opponent of the agency. She claimed in June that ICE makes “our neighborhoods less safe” and that it “terrorizes” communities.

Watch the video:

Many conservatives who got wind of Tlaib’s plan were not impressed.

Youtube commenters also ruthlessly mocked Tlaib.


Apparently Tlaib was just bluffing and will NOT go on a “hunger strike.”