WATCH: Titans safety says he plans to not talk about football this year, will focus on fighting racial injustice

Tennessee Titans safety Kenny Vaccaro said during a meeting that he plans to not talk about football this year and instead focus on racial injustice.

This comes a day after the team decided not to practice and talk about how to create change instead.

“With all due respect, as far as coming from me. I’m really not gonna talk football when I come to these meetings in light of recent events that have happened around the country.” Vacarro said.

He added “For me and my platform, my duty is to speak on things that are happening, and that’s just my stance. I’m just not going to talk football this year.”

Vacarro further elaborated on what he plans to do instead, saying “I don’t think sitting out a practice is going to stop police from killing Black men. The next step is getting into communities. We’re going to do something that’s not just a hashtag, not just a black square people posted on Instagram and thought it meant something. We’re not going to make this a movement, we’re going to make this a lifestyle,”