WATCH: Tim Kaine “Distressed” by Trump Admin Push to Reopen Schools this Fall

Appearing on MSNBC, Senator Tim Kaine (D-VA) discussed how the Trump admin plan to re-open schools this fall has him “distressed”

Tim Kaine:

I am really distressed with the way the administration is handling this.

The question is not whether schools will reopen. They will reopen in the fall. The question is will they reopen online or in-person or in some combination. Who do parents of school-age kids trust to make that decision?

Do they trust local principals and superintendents or school boards, or do they trust Donald Trump and Betsy DeVos Donald Trump has preached quack medicine.

Donald Trump denied this was a health problem. Donald Trump wouldn’t wear the mask until the sixth month of this crisis. Donald Trump makes his own supporters sign liability waivers before they attend campaign rallies.

Who would parents of school-age kids trust, school board members or Donald Trump? It’s not a hard question. Parents trust local officials, and I think local officials will get this right.