WATCH: Tim Kaine admits he’s “very worried” impeachment trial will end with Trump acquitted again

Senator Tim Kaine admitted today “I’m very worried about going through this trial and having the punch line at the end, being Trump acquitted again.”


Appearing with Maria Bartiromo, last week Kentucky Senator Rand Paul argued the upcoming Trump impeachment trial is “dead on arrival” and just “a partisan game, where they don’t want the election to be over.”

“We have 45 people, 45 Republican senators say that the whole, the whole charade is unconstitutional,” Paul said.

“So what does that mean?” Paul continued “It means that impeachment — the trial is dead on arrival. There will be a show, there will be a parade of partisanship, but the Democrats really will not be able to win. They will be able to play a partisan game that they wish to play. But it’s all over. This shows they don’t have the votes to win.”


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