WATCH: “This is Actual Fascism” Bernie Threw Her Out of His Event!

Sunday conservative journalist Kaitlin Bennett shared a video on Twitter that instantly became a viral sensation with over 45k likes.

Bennett wrote “I am a conservative journalist and was just ejected from a @BernieSanders rally for expressing my 1st amendment. I was just sitting there and was told I had to leave, with no reason given except that his campaign didn’t want me there. THIS is actual fascism.”


Bennett explained further that “The police officer agreed with me that I did nothing wrong, but booted me anyway. On my way out, the private security officer told me he supports me but has to do his job. Thank you @BernieSanders for exposing how intolerant the left really is towards dissenting opinions. ”

Many on twitter were sympathetic.

Mindy Robinson wrote “The Left is so rabidly intolerant, that they don’t even want us breathing the same air…….”

Michelle wrote “This is disturbing. What this tells me is, if he were ever to be in charge of this country, he wouldn’t allow anyone with differing view points to even be in his presence. Nice.”

Liberals defending Bernie, on the other hand, mocked Kaitlin.