WATCH: The Moment Acosta, Stelter break the news CNN has fired Chris Cuomo

CNN’s Brian Stelter and Jim Acosta had the uncomfortable job of breaking the news the CNN’s viewers the network has fired Chris Cuomo, their highest ranking anchor.

Stelter said “I think this may be a situation Jim, just drawing on my years as a media reporter, I think this may be a situation where it was death by a 1,000 cuts, where there were just so many headaches, time and time again, involving Chris Cuomo, that even though many viewers loved watching “Cuomo Prime Time” and looked forward to his show, that he was causing so many headaches for the network and for CNN staffers, that ultimately this decision was reached. That’s just drawing on my background, you know, covering other stories like this. I do think, you know, this is a moment where journalistic ethics are at play. And I know there were many CNN staffers very unhappy with the situation, very frustrated by Chris Cuomo. At the same time, Jim, I was hearing from some fans of Chris, some viewers who said, we understood he was looking out for his family.”

“This was always a very complicated situation. But I think the text messages and the documents this week, showing that he was very deeply involved, very cozy with the governor’s office, very improperly working with the aides, that was ultimately why this decision was announced tonight,” he added.

Detail on Chris Cuomo guiding his brother’s PR campaign that led to his demise.