WATCH: Texas Trump Supporters Chant “Walk Away! Walk Away!”

Brandon Straka, founder of the “WalkAway” Movement shared a video of Trump supporters in Dallas Texas. The movement urges Democrats to “Walk Away” from their party.

The group held signs and chanted “Walk Away! Walk Away!”


Replies to Brandon’s video include:

Thank You!! God Bless Texas and @BrandonStraka and @realDonaldTrump

“God bless you and yours Brother Straka!”

“This makes me so happy to see!”

“It’s great to see this happening! Keep gong!! I walked away in 2012 and I will never look back!”

“You are a great example of how one person CAN make a difference! LOVE seeing this!”

“Thank you from the rest of Texas!!!”

Straka met President Trump last November.